Increase Company Revenue

Add Donut Bots services to your existing offering. Provide more value to your customers with almost no additional work.

Create More Loyal Customers

Surprise your customers with new and innovative solutions. Maintain a win-win relationship, so your customer never leaves.

Focus On Core Competence

It takes time to learn Messenger marketing. Partner with us, so you can keep doing what you love without losing time or focus.

Quickly Scale Your Agency

By white-labeling our services you will add a team of experts under your brand. All with less salary and overhead costs.

How It Works

With Donut Bots White Label program, you purchase services directly from us, on behalf of your clients, and then collect payment from your clients.

→ Fees for our services are identical as for our non-agency clients.

→ As a white label partner, you are responsible for all the communication with your client.

→ We will provide all the materials to successfully onboard your Messenger bot client.

→ It’s completely up to you how you markup our services provided to your client.

After you tell us what types of work you are looking to outsource to us, we’ll prepare a custom proposal. Baked specifically for your client’s needs, challenges, goals, and budget.


→ Messenger Bot Strategy
→ Complete Messenger Bot Development
→ Third-Party Integrations Setup via Zapier
→ Conversational Copywriting
→ Pre-Launch User Testing
→ Performance Reporting
→ Bot Optimization

We’re official ManyChat Agency Partners.

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